Travis – U16 Girls

This is Travis and the song “U16 girls”.  This song is pretty much a warning not to fall for “young looking girls” and to “MAKE SURE THAT SHE’S OLD ENOUGH” before you blow your mind. I met a girl in LA The million dollar kind She was all for all or nothing She was open all the time But when I called her number Her mother’s on the line sayin’ You’ve no business as God’s … Continue reading

The Tiger Lillies – Pedophile aka Paedophile

The Tiger Lillies presentation of “Pedophile” is a wild song.  Some will find it disgustingly offensive; others will find it amazing that they took on this taboo subject. There are two spellings used on the internet — “Pedophile” and the English spelling “Paedophile”. The Tiger Lillies created some wild songs, such as “Abort the Child”. Wiki refers to their music as “not for the easily offended”. I’m afflicted, you don’t care, as at me you … Continue reading

Michael Jackson – She’s Only Fifteen aka Hollywood Tonight

This is the first Michael Jackson entry I have added.  I had never heard the song even though I was a MJ fan.  I forgot who pointed this out to me, but thanks!! There are multiple references to the song title – some listing it as “She’s Only 15” while the most list it as “She’s Only Fifteen”. Supposedly this was only a “demo”. As I created this entry, I had to obtain more information … Continue reading

Goldroom – Fifteen featuring Chela

This is Goldroom – “Fifteen” featuring Chela.  It is a pretty calm song for this site, but the video is decent, and the girls are hot.  Or as one viewer on Youtube wrote:  “I wish I was this hot when I was 15”.  The other comments are pretty humorous also. [Verse 1] It’s been a long time, wondering why The summer smells like sin and wonder Feels like it Got inside of A place and … Continue reading

Ronnie Hawkins – Patricia

IMPORTANT:  I was unable to find the official lyrics of this song.  This is my transcription with ?? to fill in what I can’t understand.  If you have more, please add what you know in comments! ——————————————————————————- Ronnie Hawkins – Patricia I had me a women in Memphis had me one in New Orleans i even made love to a 12 year old virgin cajun queen I’ve been higher than the mountain tops I’ve seen … Continue reading

Benny Mardones – Into The Night

Benny Mardones – Into the Night.  There have been other remakes of this song, but one that stands out is from “Junior Tucker” – 16.  I’m not sure who taught him to dance, but it is unique to watch to say the least.  It is also different because it is a reggae cover of the song.  Videos are at bottom of page. She’s just sixteen years old Leave her alone, they say Separated by fools … Continue reading

Vagabond Virgin by Traffic

“The Librarian” pointed out that the Title we have listed was incorrect.  The correct title is VAGABOND VIRGIN (and not Vegabond Virgin).  Thanks for point that out!   Tell me how you want me to be Then look again and you will see That I’m still the same, love Think me into any shape Your twisted mind has no escape But don’t be ashamed, love, it’s just a game, love You can learn how to … Continue reading

The Milkshakes, Billy Childish: She’s just 15 years old

Sometimes the lyrics we get aren’t correct because either we couldn’t understand the word or whoever provided us with the lyrics also didn’t understand a word.  So we really appreciate it when you are able to correct what we have.  Thanks Goose for putting us on the right path!   I know your name Your School Friends They Told Me You’re only fifteen but baby cant you see? That I Love Yes I’m in love … Continue reading