Your Love – The Outfield

This song blows my mind. I remember listening to it as I grew up – but I *NEVER* knew it was by Outfield! I always believed it was by someone much more famous. It turns out, this is the song “The Outfield” is known for — almost a true one-song wonder. Lyrics: Josie’s on a vacation far awayCome around and talk it overSo many things that I want to sayYou know I like my girls … Continue reading

Fucking Young (Perfect) – Tyler the Creator

Lyrics: The day that I met you girlI knew that it was something specialBut I couldn’t put my finger on it (Fuck I can’t sing whatever look)We met through mutual friends and this is where the story and confusion beginCause I was in a problem but I had to pretend that I wasn’tThere go the police man knocking at my doorDo I leave out the back and grab my wallet and coatOr do I answer … Continue reading

EZ Action – Easy Action – Rick Derringer

No lyrics have been published. Here is what I hear. Please improve by adding comments. The song is listed by both names in different places (“EZ” and “Easy”). Does your mama know you are [wound] [around] I believe you —– ??? [and didn’t leave with] ??? I think [bet] she will disapprove of the way that you move … so does your mama know you are [wound][???] —- ??? Does your daddy know you are … Continue reading

Cold Dark World – Weezer

Lyrics: I can watch little girl from the back of my carI see you and show at the place that you areGroceries spilling up out of your bagThinking you’ll end up a penniless [PANTYLESS?] hag But I see the girl that you are deep insideWon’t you allow me to give you a ride?I can console you and give you kissShow you that you can do better than this Angel girl in a cold dark worldI’m … Continue reading

Headsgiving by Porches

Lyrics: I give you headBefore you headTo therapy We share a bedJust like the frenchJust like true parents What do you do when you wanted to die?Then you wake up and you don’t want to die anymoreIt has happened before She was just 17You don’t know what I meanSo call the police And in her eyesI want to dieBefore I die the sad kind … Continue reading

The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice

LYRICS: And so it is just like you said it would beLife goes easy on meMost of the timeAnd so it is the shorter storyNo love, no gloryNo hero in her skyI can’t take my eyes off of youI can’t take my eyes off youI can’t take my eyes off of youI can’t take my eyes off youI can’t take my eyes off youI can’t take my eyes And so it is just like you … Continue reading

Travis – U16 Girls

This is Travis and the song “U16 girls”.  This song is pretty much a warning not to fall for “young looking girls” and to “MAKE SURE THAT SHE’S OLD ENOUGH” before you blow your mind. I met a girl in LA The million dollar kind She was all for all or nothing She was open all the time But when I called her number Her mother’s on the line sayin’ You’ve no business as God’s … Continue reading

The Tiger Lillies – Pedophile aka Paedophile

The Tiger Lillies presentation of “Pedophile” is a wild song.  Some will find it disgustingly offensive; others will find it amazing that they took on this taboo subject. There are two spellings used on the internet — “Pedophile” and the English spelling “Paedophile”. The Tiger Lillies created some wild songs, such as “Abort the Child”. Wiki refers to their music as “not for the easily offended”. I’m afflicted, you don’t care, as at me you … Continue reading