Squealer – AC/DC

“Squealer” She said she’d never been, hummmNever been touched beforeShe said she’d never beenThis far beforeShe said she’d never likedMmm, to be excitedShe said she always hadHad to fight it(And she never won) She said she’d never beenNever been balled beforeAnd I don’t think, heyShe’ll ever ball no more(Fixed her good) Hey! (Squealer) when I held her hand(Squealer) I made her understand(Squealer) when I kissed her lips(Squealer) sucked her finger tips, hey(Squealer) ooh started getting … Continue reading

When I Kissed the Teacher – ABBA

When I kissed the teacher My whole class went wildAs I held my breath,The world stood still,But then he just smiledI was in the seventh heaven,When I kissed the teacher One of these daysGonna tell him I dream of him every nightOne of these daysGonna show him I care,Gonna teach him a lesson alright I was in a trance,When I kissed the teacherSuddenly I took the chance,When I kissed the teacher Leaning over me,He was … Continue reading

Little Girl – Vic Damone

Little girl, you’re the one girl for meLittle girl, you’re as sweet as can beJust a glance at youMeant love from the startAnd oh, what a thrillCame into my heart! Little girl, with your cute little waysI am yours, for the rest of my daysAnd this great big world will be divineLittle girl, when you’re mine, all mine! Little girl, you’re the one girl for meLittle girl! Say, you’re as sweet as can beJust a … Continue reading

Little Children – Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas

Little children, you better not tell on me I’m tellin’ youLittle children, you better not tell what you see And if you’re goodI’ll give you candy and a quarterIf you’re quiet like you oughta beAnd keep a secret with me I wish they would go awayLittle children, now why aren’t you playin’ outside I’m askin’ youYou can’t fool me, ’cause I’m gonna know if you hide and try to peekI’m gonna treat you to a … Continue reading

Run For Your Life – The Beatles

[Verse 1: John Lennon]Well I’d rather see you dead, little girlThan to be with another manYou better keep your head, little girlOr I won’t know where I am [Chorus: John Lennon & Paul McCartney]You better run for your life if you can, little girlHide your head in the sand little girlCatch you with another manThat’s the end, little girl [Verse 2: John Lennon]Well you know that I’m a wicked guyAnd I was born with a … Continue reading

Mummy’s Boy – Madness

Mummy‚Äôs Boy Lyrics(Oy !) in the pub, about seven thirtyMother makes sure that his face ain’t dirtyHim and mother go everywhereHolds her hand without a care Lived with mother for forty yearsThe neighbourhood said that he must be queerNormal folk a-just don’t like thatGlad he can’t hear behind his back When mother dies, he will have a cry‘cos he’ll be on his ownHe’s frightened stiff, would he come to this?Will he lose her to the … Continue reading

Amy In The White Coat – Bright Eyes

Amy in the White Coat Lyrics You take your clothes off right after schoolThe tea is on, the flame is blueAnd you hope it won’t take all afternoonThe TV’s waiting to talk to youIt’s your naked body on white velourBut there’s no feeling, just weight on youBut you get nauseous now as he speaks to youSuch proper language for acts so cruelHe says “We all follow the rulesWe can’t very well go and break them, … Continue reading

I Love the Girls of 13 Years Old – Sasha Bognibov

The author/singer does have a disclaimer on this song: All the voices are mine. I wrote the song when I was 14. It is dedicated to all the teenage girls (not only 13-year-old girls) and all the kind people who want to remain forever young. I chose 13, because it is considered to be the beginning of adolescence, and my artistic role is Everlasting Boy- a teenage boy who remains forever young. This song is … Continue reading