Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

The Rolling Stones sang “Brown Sugar” and I have loved the song since I first heard it.  But I must confess that I never paid too much attention to the actual lyrics (sad but true). One person wrote:  He is telling a story about what was going on during slave trades in America..  Whites mating with blacks secretly as it was taboo.  Brown Sugar tastes so good because it was something whites weren’t supposed to … Continue reading

Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire

Bruce Springsteen sang “I’m on Fire” and the lyrics left a lot to the imagination.  When the video was released, it was made clear that he wasn’t singing about an underage girl.  But who really knows??? I have always loved this song.   “I’m On Fire” Hey, little girl, is your daddy home? Did he go and leave you all alone? I got a bad desire Oh-oh-oh, I’m on fireTell me now, baby, is he … Continue reading

Kings of Leon – 17

The group is Kings of Leon from 1999.   17 Oh she’s only seventeen Whine whine whine, weep over everything Bloody Mary breakfast busting up the street Brothers fighting, when’s the baby gonna sleep Heaving ship too sails away Said it’s a culmination of a story and a goodbye session It’s a tick of our time and the tic in her head that made me feel so strange So I could call you baby, I could … Continue reading

Rilo Kiley – 15

The group is “Rilo Kiley” and they have been around for many years.  If you are like me, you had never heard of them until this song.  But they started in 1998.  The band in the early days (from their website): 15 Twenty-five the season of dope Three sheets to the wind like a clothes line rope He’s a spider on the web She was a tiny woman; heap of sins Her developing body was … Continue reading

Adam and Andrew – Sluttier Younger

Adam and Andrew – Sluttier Younger There are few things less appealing than you A preteen girl that dresses like a prostitute You want to act like Britney well thats a mistake You want to look like divas but divas are skanks Dating cooler older guys in high school grades If they were really that cool theyd get girls their own age But they cant, so their on a cradle crusade Cause statutory rapes the … Continue reading

The Runaways – Little Sister

THE RUNAWAYS “Little Sister” Little Sister on your rollerskates It’s Friday nite an’ you got a date Right in front of the Watergate. But now he’s gone ’cause you’re too late It’s too late to be a kid in love It’s too late to be a kid in love We’re the kids in hate Little sister you’re sure lookin’ great You hope someday you’ll be playmate Well why did you wait Your chance is gone … Continue reading

Motorhead – Jailbait

MOTORHEAD “Jailbait” Hey baby you’re a sweet young thing Still tied to mommas apron strings I don’t even want to know your age I’m just happy you’re back stage You’re jailbait and I just can’t wait Jailbait baby come on One look baby all I need My decision made at lightning speed I don’t even want to know your name It’s enough to know you feel the same You’re jailbait and I just can’t wait … Continue reading

Twisted Sister – Statutory Date

TWISTED SISTER “Statutory Date” Ha, ha Good lookin’, dressed to the nines You know this little girl is gonna blow my mind Big talkin’, I’ve nothin’ to say You know I’d give my soul away Heart stoppin’, she steals the show She’s every inch a woman but there’s years to go Someone help me make me forget Or I’ll do something that I’ll regret ‘Cause I love her, want her, need her I just got … Continue reading