Adam and Andrew – Sluttier Younger

Adam and Andrew – Sluttier Younger

There are few things less appealing than you
A preteen girl that dresses like a prostitute
You want to act like Britney well thats a mistake
You want to look like divas but divas are skanks

Dating cooler older guys in high school grades
If they were really that cool theyd get girls their own age
But they cant, so their on a cradle crusade
Cause statutory rapes the coolest way to get laid

They dont want there bodies to be covered
Cause girls are getting sluttier younger
There too young to be talking about sex
And losing their virginity at recess

Buying push up bras you have to stuff to fill in
And giving hand jobs on the bus during school field trips
During dances moving like a tramp is your goal
but you shouldnt wear revealing clothes if you have nothing to show

Christina or Paris who do you idolize more
While looking for a thong in a childrens size four
Getting good grades is not what youre dreaming of
Youd rather go on MTV and show them your nubs.

That cant handle the pressure their under
So girls are getting sluttier younger
I wish those jr highers would stop
Wearing shorts that barely cover their crotch

Youre 12, mature enough to start smoking weed
Wasnt it just last week you were watching Disney
Now its The 101 Hottest Whores On E!
So you can take notes on how to act like Tara Reid

Step 1: get drunk and act real dumb
Step 2: common sense makes life less fun
Step 3: The best way to get accepted
Is to put out and become anorexic.

I dont understand so I wonder
Why girls are getting sluttier younger
They take their childhood and discard it
Are they nave or just retarted, I dont know

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