Fifteen – Mother Hips

From the live documentary “This is the sound”

Well, you just turned fifteen and that does not matter to me
But it might matter to your father and the law
You’re not to bright girl, you’re not to mature
But in a physical way I think you’re older than me for sure
Because you’re fifteen and you’re the judge’s daughter
A lot younger than I think I thought her
Now your daddy’s pressing legal action
It’s a high price to pay for satisfaction

I’m sorry if I made you walk too far
Forgot you’re too young to drive a car
I’ve got my license and I can drive you wherever I want
And I would sure like to take you to a R rated movie show
When you turn seventeen just knock on my door and then we’ll go
Fifteen and you’re the judge’s daughter. . .

I keep forgetting that you’re underage
But your dad doesn’t; now I’m in his cage
My friends all tell me fifteen gets you twenty
But I’m not laughing ’cause it’s not funny
And you just turned sixteen
I got sentenced ten
Maybe when I get out of the slammer
I’ll be ready to try it with you again. . .

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