Proof – Gurls Wit Da Boom

“Gurls Wit Da Boom”

Yo’ collar, pop yo’ collar
Pop yo’ collar, pop yo’ collar

[Chorus 2X: Proof]
We like the girls, the girls that go boom
I like the girls, the girls that go boom
That’s all I want so fellas make room
I want the girl, the girl with the boom

Party and bullshit the night away
Find a little hole for the hideaway
Living every second like a holiday
The fun don’t stop her nowadays
Especially since I hooked up with Dr. Dre
Now bitches “Lean Back” and they rock away
Hella game plus sex, she got the play
“BRRING BRRING!” (Can I suck your cock today?)
Yes you may babe, do lots of things
What good is having a head and not no brains?
She asked me if I know 50 and who made “Tipsy”
Quick to get with me, quicker to get busy
She dizzy cause the Issey smell good on me
Plus she love to fuck, I mean the hood won’t leave
Headed out the door and she pulling on my sleeve
Rubbing on my dick, bitch feeling that E


Sipping the Moet Rose mixed with pu-ssy
Puffin the loosey, our frames by Gucci
She wanna roll with me cause I got major dough
Tell every ho up in here, you my favorite though
I know you suck dick, well that’s my accusation
I’m really wondering if you accepting applications
I like them facing forward chicks with the bar bellies
I pass them young hoes off to Mr. R. Kelly
Gimme a bad bitch, that can make her ass shake
I don’t want you nasty, I want you nas-tay
My last day on earth I’ll be fucking a freak
That spend a half an hour just sucking my meat (yeah)
She don’t even know me, said she love me so
She a dimepiece, so far from an ugly ho
If you drop-dead gorgeous I won’t stand you up
Yeah you shake it like Beyonce but can you fuck?


I been doing the Earl Flynt since about ’88
A lot of people here wanna trade my place
Got a extra room where your babe can wait
These ain’t Air Force Ones, these are Bathing Apes
Straight from the (Shop) got the (Candy) sex
I’m a (Hot Boy) on beats like Mannie Fresh
Her lips real big, hips real big
Tits real big, everything’s real big
I’m rich BITCH, and these are real diamonds
She ain’t even keep up with the cars that I’m driving
Know what you like so I’ma give it a twist
You hypnotic baby when you swivel them hips
I’m the game in the physical so listen to this
Never catch feelings when I’m dissing a bitch
Ain’t tipping a trick cause I’ma bone for free
All I’m saying right now who going home with me, cause.


Pop yo’ collar, pop yo’ collar
Pop yo’ collar, pop yo’ collar

Hey that’s gonna wrap it up
Let’s hear it for Big Proof, our special guest today
Hey, we gonna get up out of here
Gotta change the name of this town back to where we found it
We found it at Motown, that’s where we gotta leave it!
Motown, and like we always say
Sugar is sugar, salt is salt
If you didn’t get off today, it’s not our fault

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