The Tiger Lillies – Pedophile aka Paedophile

The Tiger Lillies presentation of “Pedophile” is a wild song.  Some will find it disgustingly offensive; others will find it amazing that they took on this taboo subject. There are two spellings used on the internet — “Pedophile” and the English spelling “Paedophile”. The Tiger Lillies created some wild songs, such as “Abort the Child”. Wiki refers to their music as “not for the easily offended”. I’m afflicted, you don’t care, as at me you … Continue reading

Bruce Springsteen – County Fair

Bruce Springsteen – County Fair There are some who think this is an innocent song.  But I’ve pointed out why I think it belongs in our underage jailbait songs.  I also searched for “Carol” to see if it was an important reference to Springsteen but wasn’t able to find anything. Here are the Lyrics: Every year when summer comes around They stretch a banner ‘cross the main street in town You can feel somethin’s happenin’ … Continue reading