Playground Bangaround – and other Urban Legends

I keep finding to crazy song references by Gary Glitter … However they were ALL FAKE.

The song in question — Playground Bang-around — was part of the parody known as Brass Eye – Pedophile Edition.  It was performed for the parody show by a performer known as “Ryc Spangle”.

From the net, the words are:
I’m gonna ride inside,
A little boy on the slide,
Little girl on the swing,
I shall sing, hold my thing.

Playground bangaround!
Bang a little boy, girl.
Playground bangaround!
Bang a little girl.

The youtube version is here:

So this song and many others including “Breaking in Minors” are part of the ongoing joke at Gary Glitter’s expense.

The name btw, conveniently comes from an actual event:

Playground Bang-A-Round is an exuberant celebration of the golden age of GLAM, with non-stop glitter rock and bell-bottomed pop brought to you by the DJ team of Simon Price and Cherry Foxxx (Spellbound, Stay Beautiful) at Brighton’s best boozer, The Caroline Of Brunswick on Ditchling Rd, opposite The Level


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