Holding You, Loving You – Don Blackman

I feel that we should take the time
Express whats in our hearts and mind
I know we have many things to say
We shouldn’t waste another day
Why don’t we give love a chance
Bring back into our romance
The things we hold so close, my dear
Understanding, closeness, fears

Life is now a different scene
The maid is only 17
Some people think that shes too young
They say her life has just begun
No reason to, you’re insecure
Her mind and body are so pure
Id love to share my life with her
Seemingly I love you too


Life is so many changes I’ve seen
Don’t you know (loving you)
Finding out how much you mean to me, don’t you know, oh (holding you aaaaaaaaaaaaaah)
Embrace until our hearts meet as one

(Instrumental Break 4 bars)

Now that we have made a way
We’re blessed now with another day
So many tests will come for sure
Well have to pass them all and more
Soon our lives will unify
Showering love down from the sky
Accept the love that falls on you
Seemingly I love you too


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